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Estate Planning & Probate

Services include will preparation, estate and gift tax planning, living wills, powers of attorney (healthcare and financial), trusts, and charitable remainder trust.

When a family member feels that a deceased loved one’s will is being mishandled, it is important to speak with an attorney. The probate litigation attorneys at Phelan Tucker Law LLP understand the need to act quickly and effectively. With decades of combined experience, our attorneys work hard to put their comprehensive understanding of probate law to work for the client.

How is Probate Litigation Helpful?

A will can be inconclusive, misleading, or ambiguous. In the event family members are confused or in disagreement about a will, probate litigation is often necessary in executing the disputed will. Probate litigation attorneys at Phelan Tucker Law LLP work closely with clients to understand their individual concerns. We are effective litigators and compassionate administrators ready to help you through the probate process.

Why Families Need Probate: Common Reasons

  • Mistake made by executor: There are certain guidelines in place the executor of a Will, and if they are not adhered to, the Will can become “invalid.”
  • Ambiguous Wills: not all Wills are properly drafted or comprehensive to the point of clarity, so assistance of the court is needed to determine how the Will is to be executed
  • Undue Influence: This claim infers that the person making the Will was heavily persuaded, coerced, or intoxicated during its writing
  • Elective Share Litigation: a surviving spouse has the right to claim a percentage of the elective estate, in the absence of a premarital agreement.

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