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Business Formation

We have decades of combined experience helping young businesses start from a solid point.

Our business law attorneys have decades of combined experience helping young businesses to start from a solid point. Peace of mind comes from knowing your business law attorney has drafted comprehensive employee contracts, documents outlining employee relations, and other legal protections for your business. We also provide knowledgeable legal advice for established businesses, and experienced, effective litigation in the case of a legal dispute.

We are committed to providing personal attention to your concerns and responsiveness throughout the life of your business. Our broad range of services includes:

  • Counsel for selection of the ideal business entity based on your business plan, goals and financial circumstances — such as a limited liability partnership (LLP), limited liability company (LLC) or corporation — and execution of all required filings
  • Ongoing registration and compliance work, including acting as your registered agent, maintaining corporate minutes reliably and securely, and otherwise ensuring you are legally protected while focusing on your core business
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of essential business contracts such as commercial leases, sales agreements, service agreements, covenants not to compete (noncompete agreements) and other employment contracts

Skilled, trial-ready representation in any type of dispute impacting your business, including liability and insurance matters, breach of contract allegations and concerns about unfair competition

When you need to know more about the pros and cons of the various types of business entities, we are here to help. There are extensive tax law implications, and bookkeeping and operations regulations pertaining to each business structure. Contact us today to speak with an experienced business law and litigation attorney in Iowa.