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ADR & Mediation

Helping attorneys and clients avoid the expense, stress, and uncertainty of trial.

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We recognize the importance of reducing the time and expense of litigation by promoting the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in appropriate cases. Through a trained, experienced, and neutral attorney, ADR helps parties obtain a fair, efficient resolution to their claims.

In mediation, a neutral attorney meets with the parties to help them find a voluntary settlement. Research has shown that it is 80-90% effective in resolving the conflict and that parties are more satisfied with the outcome than they would have been had they continued with litigation.

Arbitration starts with an agreement between the parties to designate an uninvolved party to hear all relevant evidence and then make a binding decision. The final hearing follows an expedited process of discovering the relevant evidence.

With both mediation and arbitration, parties save time and money while obtaining a fair result.

Our experienced ADR neutral looks forward to helping you resolve your insurance, tort, and healthcare case.

Arbitration and mediation help parties obtain fair and efficient resolutions to their civil cases by saving thousands of dollars of litigation expenses as well as months of discovery, trials, appeals, etc. In-person or online sessions are available.