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Business Law

We are committed to providing the utmost in client service. Allow us to support your entrepreneurship and protect your business.

Phelan Tucker Law LLP; Business and Contracts Attorneys Offer Comprehensive Legal Services to Iowa Businesses

Our business law attorneys have decades of combined experience helping young businesses to start from a solid point. Peace of mind comes from knowing your business attorney has drafted comprehensive employee contracts, documents outlining employee relations, and other legal protections for your business. We also provide knowledgeable legal advice for established businesses, and experienced, effective litigation in the case of a legal dispute.

We provide a wide variety of services to all types of entities, such as partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies and sole proprietors. We work with our clients in the preparation of contracts, articles of incorporation, and bylaws. Allow us to support your entrepreneurship and protect your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

Receive Comprehensive Business Legal Services in Iowa City

From the conception of a business idea to its success, our ongoing assistance to clients includes all areas of their business. Our Iowa business law attorneys can help you with initial decisions, such as which entity is best for your business. We also offer subsequent support, such as assistance in employee relations, real estate issues, negotiation, disputes, and litigation, and preparation of contracts and other business documents.

Types of Business Entities:

  • Sole Proprietor: You own all the assets of your business
  • General Proprietor/ Limited Liability Partnership: You share profits and losses with partners with some protection from personal liability.
  • C-Corporation and S-Corporation: Shareholders own the business.
  • Limited Liability Company/ Professional Liability Company: Corporate tax structure with protection from personal liability.

When you need to know more about the pros and cons of each business entity, we are here to help. There are extensive tax law implications, and bookkeeping and operations regulations pertaining to each business structure. Contact us today to speak with an experienced business law and litigation attorney in Iowa.

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We proudly serve the Iowa City greater area, including Iowa City, Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Mt Pleasant, and Des Moines. Find out how we can help you with all of your business legal needs.